Problem Solving

Da Vinci notebookBuild Trust, Gain Buy-In, Achieve Objectives

The problems are no less thorny, but their solutions gain clarity when there is mutual trust and true collaboration between my client and me.  Leonardo’s genius (see illustration)  did not arise in a vacuum, but  was often inspired by others. My taking ownership in your problem is the tie that binds.  When we together identify the “right thing to do,”  you, the client, are comfortable and committed to the goal of solving the problem.

You can be assured that, at this stage of my career, I will be candid, comfortable and committed to your objective and the strategy we develop together.  I am accountable only to you, and not burdened or conflicted with the expectations and demands of a large firm practice.

“Rich was a real pleasure to work with, responsive, pragmatic, with excellent judgment and a killer sense of humor. I highly admire Rich’s integrity as both a lawyer and a person, particularly his genuine commitment to social awareness and to justice.” Assistant general counsel, global accounting and consulting firm

“Rich was careful not to trash relationships, posture needlessly, or pontificate endlessly (my fears about lawyers). His careful attention to detail allowed him to be absolutely clear without being a bully, and to make the points and the connections that needed to be made in order to resolve the situation in a way that I had hoped.” –Entrepreneur and executive in high-tech international manufacturing

Identify Issues, Establish Position, Accomplish Client’s Goal

Each problem is unique, but none can be satisfactorily solved without mastering the subject matter. We must command respect for your position while acknowledging the opposition’s reasonable expectations. At the earliest opportunity, I work to engage my counterpart as a partner in achieving the desired outcome, without diminishing our leverage or increasing risk.


  • Whether representing business executives or company management, I have negotiated employment agreements and severances, remodeled non-competes and other restrictive covenants for mutual benefit, and successfully recovered or resisted damages for breaches of buy-sell agreements, fiduciary duties, and unfair competition.
  • In lieu of suing for injunctive relief and restitution, I recently restructured my client’s contractual and investment relationship with a struggling tech start-up, resulting in full recovery while preserving good will, which remained important to the client.

“Rich Glaser helped me deal with a sensitive corporate issue where the stakes were very high. I found Rich to be attentive, not just to the legal ins and outs (where he excelled), but also to what was most important to me as a client.” –Manufacturing Engineering Executive and Consultant

“Rich is attentive to detail and intuitive to human behavior that is essential in negotiations while keeping an eye tuned on the end result.”–CFO for middle market manufacturer

“One of the advantages of working with Rich is he is respected and well-connected in the Michigan legal and business community. This enables him to firmly yet effectively communicate with other attorneys, which I believe ended up convincing the opposition in our case to offer a significant and satisfactory settlement well before trial.” –Entrepreneur and executive in automotive manufacturing and distribution logistics

Opportunity and Attention to Detail

Planning yields opportunity, and sometimes opportunities occur by chance. Attention to detail is essential so they are not missed. When my client and I mine a valuable nugget, we explore the optimal timing and context to deploy it. While I learned these lessons mostly in the courtroom, they have translated successfully to transactional planning, avoiding traps and maximizing your opportunities in business transactions.


  • My client was added to a medical product liability wrongful death case. Research uncovered an unexpected procedural defense under Kentucky law, where plaintiff resided at time of death. The original defendants had not identified this defense in their pleadings, which was necessary to preserve it. Rather than plead or use this defense in a motion that might not be granted, I persuaded plaintiff’s counsel that he was better off with my client, and this defense, out of the case – without cost and before answering the complaint.
  • In a seemingly endless and high-profile environmental Superfund case, I leveraged information unique to my client that would discredit, if not disqualify, the plaintiff’s lead expert from the entire case. The plaintiff’s counsel eventually agreed to dismiss my client without payment or other tribute.

“I used Rich Glaser as a facilitative mediator in a complex case involving issues of control and valuation of a closely held corporation. There was substantial animosity between the parties. Rich was thorough, diligent and effective. Rich presented his own creative solutions and alternative valuation models that helped move the process to an ultimate resolution, avoiding expensive litigation.” –Trial lawyer and mediator

“Rich met and exceeded our expectations with his integrity, honesty and initiative to meet our needs.  Since that arbitration, I have utilized Rich Glaser to provide counsel and insight while negotiating numerous software and system implementation agreements from Tennessee to Hawaii. He is knowledgeable, practical, responsive, and highly attuned to getting the transaction closed while protecting the client’s interests.” –CEO, California-based public safety software developer

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