Legal Strategies

Scopes trialA Proactive Strategy Requires Education and Empathy

No matter the situation, being reactive is never an option.  My primary  objective is to know your needs, even more clearly than you may see them. Second, whether you are wired to fight or shrink from controversy , we must together learn empathy for the other side. Then, we will better understand what motivates them, identify their vulnerabilities, and work the common ground for solutions.


  • As mediator in a commercial dispute, I learned that the buyer’s CEO was suppressing suspicions that the supplier had terminated their relationship to take up with a more attractive partner. He had not shared this even with his own VP or counsel. Once tactfully disclosed and on the table, the parties regained trust and quickly resolved their differences.
  • Navigated a family-owned enterprise through divisive accusations of fraud, conspiracy, and tortious interference toward an effectively structured and successful early mediation. This achieved the prime objectives to avoid acrimonious depositions and expensive discovery, while minimizing family tensions.
  • When a global franchisor squeezed my client’s territorial rights to benefit a favored franchisee, we identified critical inconsistencies in the franchisor’s policies and vulnerabilities in its Master Agreement to protect and expand the client’s region.

“This was my first experience with any type of litigation…. Rich really took the time to explain “our side” but also how the “other side” might be viewing things…. His experienced insight often opened my eyes to reality, helped me lessen the emotional aspect of some of my decisions, and stick with focusing on facts and our legal strategy.” Entrepreneur and executive in automotive manufacturing and distribution logistics

“Rich Glaser’s keen knowledge of the law helped to forge a strategy that quickly resulted in a favorable and just result…. His approach and his advocacy were measured, meaningful and impactful.” –Executive in material handling industry, Midwest region and international markets

Maximizing Options

Timing is critical. Early engagement, ideally before litigation, offers more options to avoid conflict or swiftly resolve brewing disputes. The litigation card should be used cautiously; but once in play, must be pursued aggressively toward the predetermined goal with maximum effect.


  • Developed strategy to unwind a real estate-for-securities investment swap, and obtained full recovery of client’s assets just weeks before adversary dissolved into receivership. As the first investor to aggressively pursue injunctive relief, my client realized maximum results while others scrambled for pennies on the dollar.
  • Secured summary judgment for major bank defeating claims exceeding a billion dollars for financing allegedly fraudulent management buyout of leading manufacturer of generic healthcare products. Simultaneously, we enforced the bank’s indemnity rights with its customer while maintaining their relationship and avoiding the enormously expensive jury trial that followed.

“While President and CEO of a California-based software company, I retained Rich Glaser’s services in a complex dispute with a Michigan public entity.  When it came to developing legal strategy, knowing the law and detailing our options, Rich was a great source of comfort and confidence for our team.” CEO, California-based public safety software developer

“In this complex case involving sensitive issues and relationships, Rich was quickly able to assess the situation. Together, we orchestrated an exit plan through early mediation, resulting in a minimal settlement and avoiding a protracted jury trial and large legal costs for all defendants.” –CFO for middle market manufacturer

Plan, Communicate, Execute

My credo is to protect you from unpleasant surprises along the strategic path. I focus on consistent communication, managing costs, and advising you where we are on the strategic path, the critical decisions to be made, and potential potholes that lie ahead.

“Rich was open and honest about any costs we might incur depending on the legal path we may choose to pursue. I found his different options and budgets to be creative, cost conscious and accurate.” –Entrepreneur and executive in automotive manufacturing and distribution logistics

“Rich was frank with discussion and willing to take the time to explain the circumstance in context with law and strategy to his clients.”CFO for middle market manufacturer

“Throughout this often grueling discovery and arbitration process, Rich kept us grounded and focused on the ultimate goal, and not become bogged down with the tactics raised by our adversary.” –CEO, California-based public safety software developer

“Rich is a professional of high integrity, with a sharp ability to process complex issues and reduce them to pragmatic solutions.… I have great respect for Rich and will use him again if the need arises.” –Entrepreneur and executive in high-tech international manufacturing

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