Conflict Resolution

The Value of Knowing We Can Go the Distance

To champion early resolution is not to shrink from an inevitable fight. My credentials and reputation as a trial attorney cause adversaries to weigh alternatives to risky and expensive litigation. That adds value and gravitas to your position.


  • Achieved for a Fortune 50 client an eight-figure resolution against an international software and systems implementation firm, while containing fees and costs for client to within 3% of its recovery.
  • Consistently obtained defense verdicts in product liability claims against leading manufacturer of consumer, laboratory, and industrial glass technology, automotive OEM’s, Tier One suppliers, and pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.
  • Successful trial outcomes for business and individual clients both as plaintiff and defendant in the following industries: medical product distribution, software design and implementation, financial services, automotive supply chain, and manufacturers of chemical, pharmaceutical and consumer products.

“I have represented clients adverse to and allied with Rich Glaser’s clients, and separately have engaged him as a facilitative mediator. Rich has enjoyed an exceptional career as a highly skilled complex commercial litigator and a mediator of business disputes. He is smart, insightful, creative and pragmatic.” –Trial lawyer and alternative dispute resolution neutral

“Rich was a procedurally savvy technician. He always kept his eye on the goal of achieving a swift, fair, and economical resolution favorable to his client’s interests.” –Assistant general counsel, global accounting and consulting firm

Experienced, professional and courageous are just a few words to describe Rich’s approach to solving conflict regarding severance, secrecy, and non-competition issues I encountered.” –Executive, material handling industry, Midwest region and international markets

The Importance of Knowing the Difference

In building strategic plans, I anticipate obstacles and incorporate alternative paths. All too often, the judicial/arbitral system impedes at unnecessary cost the efficient resolution of conflict. However, my experience shows that sometimes litigation can be the best, and not the last, resort. You need counsel who knows the difference and is prepared to execute.


  • Within 48 hours of being retained, we rescued a new client from imminent default judgment after replacing inexperienced counsel only five days before trial. We tried the case as scheduled and succeeded in dismissing claims exceeding $13 million against client. Without our intervention, this client would have been stuck with an order to pay these claims.
  • A Swedish client had an exclusive agreement to distribute dental hygiene products in Scandinavia and the Baltics.  Its supplier was acquired by an American company dominant in that industry determined to eliminate my client from the market. Within a matter of days, we filed for injunctive relief, got an immediate evidentiary hearing, obtained court orders that preserved the client’s position, and renegotiated improved arrangements into the future.
  • Secured critical injunctive relief and cost recovery for minority family shareholders against management of a substantial, privately held company.

“As an in-house lawyer with an international professional services firm, I worked closely with Rich in a hard fought litigation. Rich proved himself to be a creative, thoughtful, and tenacious litigator.” –Assistant general counsel, global accounting and consulting firm

“I recently retained Rich for corporate representation in a complex case involving three other defendants and a very aggressive plaintiff looking for a large settlement…. Tenacious and articulate with his mastery of law make Rich Glaser someone I want representing my best interests.” –CFO, middle market manufacturer